Welcome to the Medici Foundation! 

We thank you for visiting the Medici Foundation website and allowing us to share with you our mission to improve the health and quality of life in our community through medical research, education, and treatment. As you view the website, you will notice that we do not take on this endeavor alone, but are collaborating with many who share the same passionate goals to improve and extend the lives of loved ones in our community. Since its establishment in 1995, the Medici Foundation has supported a number of cancer research projects, local community programs, as well as international cancer treatment endeavors.

Please continue to explore the Medici Foundation website to capture the significant work we do to save and extend the lives of our community. Together, we can continue to change the future of cancer and its treatment. There are many ways to join in the important work the Medici Foundation is about:

  • Make a donation through one of our Giving Circles
  • Tell others about the Medici Foundation and participate in several of our annual fundraising events
  • Network with your contacts to help establish more corporate awards and contributions 
  • Establish the Medici Foundation in your will

These actions, along with your ideas and contributions can help be part of our dream. Together, we will win the fight against cancer. As a team, we are pleased to share our accomplishments with you. Winning the fight against cancer is our highest priority and with your help, we know we will be successful.


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